Multidog Household Training

To ensure that we cater to the needs of all beings in your home, Smoosh and Friends offers slightly different options for multidog households.

Multidog Harmony Is Possible

Is one of your canine companions causing a rift in household dynamics by barking at anything and everything? Do you want to improve general household manners? Perhaps, you just want to give your household a relationship boost! Whatever your dog training needs, if you have more than one dog, we have a few different training options for you to choose from.

Oftentimes, multiple dogs in a household will share some of the same struggles, so what you will learn for one dog might be relevant and applicable to the other(s). However, we know that dogs’ personalities vary dramatically, as well as their learning styles, current skills, their strengths and their weaknesses; so their training needs can vary too.

When we think about our dog behaviour struggles and the impact they have on the household as a whole, it can be really helpful to assess all household dog’s behaviour to get an accurate picture of what their behavioural training needs are. Sometimes the dog making the most noise isn't the dog causing the chaos! 

So, here at Smoosh and Friends, we offer multiple training options for multi-dog households, and of course, you are always welcome to choose to train just one of your dogs.

Plan 1: The Whole Household Approach

  • Initial assessment: £75 for first dog, 30% discount (or £52.50) for those thereafter

  • One bespoke transformation plan for each dog in the household (sent as PDF)

  • Identify and connect individual struggles with household struggles

  • 1-2-1 training session in your home, or local area if appropriate (Cardiff and surrounding area only)

  • Walk through transformation plan together, including the dog where appropriate

  • Troubleshooting as necessary, always staying flexible to you and your dog’s needs in the moment

  • Only one dog can be present in each session

  • Most recommended for dog’s with different needs

An initial behaviour assessment is conducted via questionnaire, from which a bespoke training plan is created per dog in the household. These will identify and tackle their individual behaviour struggles, whilst recognising the overlapping household issues. The suggested training games will focus on each dog’s distinct and unique needs. I will walk you through all parts of the plan during our 1-2-1 session, leaving you equipped with all you need to start transforming your dog’s behaviour!

We highly recommend this option, as we are able to better address each dog’s specific behavioural needs and tailor our approach to each dog as an individual. Your learning for each dog will likely bring value to the other(s) too.

Sometimes the dog making the most noise, isn't the dog causing the chaos!

Plan 2: One Home, One Plan

  • Initial Assessment: £50 for 1 hour 1-2-1 session, together with an additional £25 per dog behavioural assessment

  • One bespoke training plan for entire household

  • Dog training will be based on the dog’s identified overlapping behavioural issues and needs

  • 1-2-1 training session, in your home, or local area if appropriate

  • Only 1 dog present per in-person training session

  • Take your learning over to your other dog(s)

I will assess each dog in the household and tailor make a training plan that identifies and tackles the overarching struggles of all dogs in the household. The suggested training plan will be tailored to the overlapping concepts underpinning their behaviour struggles. As only one dog can be present in each session, you may alternate between dog’s each session. If the session permits, you may switch out your dog’s during.

Follow-Up 1-2-1 Training Sessions


  • Reassess dog’s behaviour using a follow-up questionnaire prior to session, to gauge where you’re at with your training

  • Tweaks to original transformation plan based on dog’s progress

  • Additional games demonstrated, to compliment the transformation plan

  • 1-hour 1-2-1 training session, in home or local area if appropriate

Follow-up training sessions will generally cover new games and training techniques to progress your dog’s behaviour even more. Depending on how much progress has been made on the original plan, sometimes we will work on levelling up existing games; increasing the challenge for y’all.

It is recommended to have a follow-up session once a month at the very least, to ensure that you and your dog’s are getting the most out of training.

Dog Training Walk


  • In person training walk with you and your dog

  • Clear instruction of how to implement games in real life scenarios

  • Only available to those who have already had a behavioural assessment

  • For the dog’s who have progressed well with training at home

  • A super effective way to generalise learnt behaviours

In-person dog training walks with you and your dog(s) allow for you to learn exactly when and how to use the training games and techniques you have been practising at home. These training walks are especially great for dog’s who have been working on their reactivity or for those owners who have been working on increased engagement and listening skills. A dog training walk with Smoosh and Friends is also a great way to proof your dog’s loose leash walking skills or to practice disengagement from the pesky cat lurking in your neighbours driveway.

Bonus Content

No matter what dog training path you take with us, you will also have access to:

  • Complimentary continued assessment of your dog’s training between sessions - send me videos of your successes and troubles to gain further insight about your dog’s behaviour

  • Where appropriate, in-person demo dog game walkthrough’s

  • Written dog training instruction provided where necessary

  • Between session communication available via WhatsApp and email (9am - 6pm, Mon -Fri)

  • *coming soon* video walkthrough’s with our own home grown demo dogs!

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