What We Do

Although dog-walks and dog-sitting are available, Smoosh and Friends predominantly offers games-based dog training with a positive reinforcement approach to transforming dog’s behaviour. Dog’s are complex beings with individual needs, so we work on a case by case basis, always adapting to the dog in front of us.

We believe that all dog’s can be taught new things and that no dog is hopeless.

How We Train

We always begin the transformation process by training our dog’s in a neutral, low distraction environment where the behavioural struggle isn’t present. This way the dog can gently learn the skills they need to eventually behave appropriately in the struggle environment.

In other words, we train out of the situation, for the situation.

We keep sessions short, to maintain optimal learning capacity, investing just 5 minutes into a game at a time. We will guide your dog’s behavioural evolution as you and they develop skills and understanding of the games, taking the learning out into the world, when safe to do so.


All dog’s have a brain and those brains are able to do different things at different levels. For example, some dog’s will be able to walk the world with confidence, optimistically noticing things pass them by without engaging; others may be rather pessimistic in their approach to the world, struggling to disengage when they see things that concern them.

In this example, the concepts underpinning the dog’s behaviour are disengagement, optimism, confidence and calmness. So, using short and fun games we can work on building up these concepts underpinning the dog’s behaviour and personality, in order to effectively transform their behaviour in the direction of our dog-owning dreams!

Pro Tip!

Ditch The Bowl! Dog’s are contra-freeloaders, meaning that they actually prefer to work for their food. Every bit of food you would usually put in a bowl, is a piece of rewarding value that can be used to grow the behaviours that we want to see in our dogs. So, we highly recommend using your dog’s daily food allowance to create an effective reward strategy for their training, rather than feeding them using the traditional bowl once or twice a day.

Don't sleep on it!

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